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Bronze Star with V Device for Valor, Purple Heart, National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal


Michael Courtney Quinn was born in San Angelo to Katheryne Rickel and Willie Dee Quinn.  His sister, Judith Ann was born a year later.  He grew up in San Angelo and the family moved to Circleville, Ohio for a short time and returned to San Angelo for his junior and senior year.  He graduated from San Angelo Central High School in 1965. While at Central he was in the Bobcat Marching, Concert and Stage Bands. After graduation, he attended San Angelo College, now Angelo State University.

                                                               1965 San Angelo Central High School                                               

He enlisted in the Navy in the spring of 1966 and completed his recruit training at the U.S. Navy Recruit Training Depot at San Diego, California. He received additional training in gunnery. He began his tour in Vietnam as a member of the U.S. Navy Forces, Vietnam. He was assigned as a gunner with PBR-101.  He was awarded a Bronze Star for Valor for helping to extract wounded soldiers of the 9th Army Division onto River Boats during a fire fight in March 1967.

On 24 May, 1967, the Officer in Charge, River Patrol Section 531, three PBR crewmen to include SN Quinn and a Vietnamese national policeman were killed by intense fire from the north bank of the Ham Luong river, four miles downstream from Cu Lao Oc. Five other U.S. sailors were wounded during this action.

Quinn April 67 a month before his death

The patrol, composed of PBRs 101 and 106, was attacked by automatic-weapons and recoilless-rifle fire from several Viet Cong positions. The patrol returned the fire. Then a recoilless-rifle round struck the forward .50 caliber mount of PBR 101, killing the gunner, the patrol officer, and the helmsmen. The midships gunner was subsequently killed by machine gun fire as the PBR veered toward the bank out of control. The wounded after gunner finally managed to bring the boat under control and turned clear of the range of fire.

The Vietnamese policeman, embarked in PBR 106, was killed when a recoilless-rifle round struck the patrol boat amidships. The effects of the burst also seriously wounded the boat captain and the after gunner, and disabled the craft's port engine.

During the engagement armed helicopters and fixed wing aircraft launched strikes against the ambush sites. Subsequent intelligence reports indicated that the air strikes and the PBR fire had killed at least 19 Viet Cong and wounded 36 others.

SN Michael C. Quinn was buried with full military honors in the Fairmount Cemetery in San Angelo, Texas.  He was survived by his parents and his sister, Judy of the home.

Fairmont Cemetery, San Angelo, Texas

The Citation below is for an Action in March 1967 two months before his death

Award of the Bronze Star with V Device for Valor
Bronze Star Devices, Gold Letter V Awarded for Distinguished Actions in Combat (Valor)

The President of the United States of America takes pride in presenting the Bronze Star (Posthumously) to QUINN, Michael C., Seaman, USN, posthumously, for heroism while serving as a machine gunner aboard river patrol boat in support of a Army platoon in the Republic of Vietnam on 28 March 1967. When the platoon required medical evacuation for two wounded personnel, Seaman Quinn, without regard far his personal safety, leaped off the bow of his craft and ran up the riverbank to help take the Infantryman to the boat. During this entire period has subjected to heavy Viet Cong fire. The combat distinguishing device is authorized.

General Orders: All Hands (November 1968)
Action Date: March 28, 1967
Service: Navy
Rank: Seaman
Regiment: River Patrol Section 531, PBR-101/6101





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